The pictures below speak my passion for Fashion.
Silky* Can you feel it ?
Genius ! It seemed the choreographer is getting battle array done. Incredibly Brilliant !


I constantly read people's blog and people inquire about my blog constantly .

"Hiiii Amelia, it's so much fun to meet you, and i love your blog."

Well that's the point ! Oh Man i don't blog~ (been showing the expression of frustration)

And i have to tell you guys that most of my friends, they know me don't blog and they dislike the way i blog.(That's indolent way)

First of all, what i can tell is, " I don't blog, guys don't like to visit my blog and it doesn't bother me." I admitted. YES, i love to visit people's blog, but i don't wish to be them. I mean i don't blog for people, i blog for myself. If i'm being lazy " acknowledge your fate " i said.

Well enough of that bullshit , can't stop anything by it goes on. It's too soon then i'm gonna have my first exam paper and tomorrow is the first day of schooling.. I have nothing to blog about, and how vain i'm here just to make the first post of New Year 2011. So everything is gonna be so new this year.. For me, 2010 was a realisation, and 2011 is a year of production. Happy New Year ! Sending all positivity your way..




Ever since that Thoughts post, i've been living in a quite hectic months, no doubts that i really do hate my life routine, it sucks actually ! Saw tons of posts of my favourites blogger, i was feeling kinda guitly as i was being such an indolent girl, yeah i know..Girls shouldn't be idle. Having that stupid rule, i was living my life though. How obstinate am i !
Well in this case, guess i just show you guys my pixies and with a little caption .

@Old town with Iyen,Kmaey,Lip,Alex,Kenny and Zefent. Chilled!


Grand's birthday celebration. x

Hate my darkcircles.

I need a Canon ixus or maybe Lumix. I'll be so much fun if i had them ! Guess i'm done here, xoxo.


17.10.10 Part one.

Went for movie with babies, The Other Guys. ZFirst we got BBQ Plaza as our breakfast, very exited for the process, and it seemed work for us ! I was the only fresh man between 8 of them, was feeling a little strange but we did enjoyed ! xoxo
And we did snap shots ! THEY WERE SO adorable .
J, she's always got loads of emotion,like a mechine.
Lovely Joey.
The crazy party, Jia mun.
The silent party, Pik Lin.

It's been three months that my blog got ignored. Well, trust me, i didn't mean to neglect my blog and i never wanted to push it to the edge of death. UGH ! I actually got things accompany me for this blogging time, i know it must take quite a long time to finish those belated posts. Like my birthday one, outings , exams . YES , and so much more.. In fact, i was about to stop blogging, and so because of this. One day, i came across to go through my favourite's blogger, i was amazed by her blog, like designs, posts, photographs, and almost everything. She made me alive, she rang me a bell that girls who do blog, they got vogue, fame and just everything you couldn't imagine. It's out of your expectation.

So, i know i always got loads of nonsense. But that's me. Sorray*>,<

Something about love, i mean i got nothing on it. I'm not the one who always lose in the game, but after all i always am the one who got nothing. Seriously, my relationship is kind of perplexed like the upper east side. None of a mortal is qualified to be my boyfriend, I'm so sorry to say that cause that is the truth. And maybe that's why i always lose. Well i just said that none of them could capable to be my boyfriend, but i never say i would never found a right man to be my husband. I can't stand puppy love, i need someone could brought me to life but not i brought them to,very ludicrous. It was a fantastic mistake like i believe a boy could let me watch his true colour, and at the very soon that day, it turned out he's just a BOY, who haven't even got mature yet, still living his FUN life, come on BOYS, we girls don't need a little boy to love us, nor to look after you guys! It has been very embarrassing that i was so much stupid as i was a naive who always want to live in the fairy tale even i already knew we would separate at the very end of the story. This time, i was completely awake. Fairy tale only appears in the Disney land and imagination either. Yet, love is tedious without imagination . How CONTRADICTION !


. National Day .

Heyy bloggers,allow me to say "Merdeka" once again !

My b'day is just around the corner,i have to admit that i'm nervous about that day.

I have really nothing to update to my blogspot,but i will always be here after my PMR examination! I swear to the moon !



I'm teenager; not teenager.

I'm not going to blog anything as my PMR is just around the corner,between..i don't have a time to write so many words.HA! In fact,i am addcited to Facebook,this is totally not a great idea..cause it's just giving a chance for me to be a slacker..when i got use to using FB ,as u know..we don't have to write 400++ words in FB and we don't even allowed to do so,this really get us to be such an English idoit.

Lastly,good night.


Aw..chu-chi-chang go.

I need another story,something to get off my chest;
My life is kinda boring,need something that I can confess.
(Secrets-One Republic)

Life is going on,no matter what..I was thinking,do I get a chance to get through it?Should I get a chance to be the one who disburses the most?Aw,I don't think so.If someone asked me,"what alphabet can I describe my entire live?" I would say,"REGRETFUL".Does that sound funny?I don't think so,yes,my life is absolutely ful of regret,and why?me,my self have totally no idea about this,I workhard for everything i wanted,and I respect my future,just wondering everything.Oh non sense..non sense,i was talking shit things(again)..It is because my trial exam is arounf the corner,so the pressure is on.Maybe I just crazy for PMR.gg


Thoughts 3#

Seriously,I don't miss my blog "that" way.You know why do I need a blog,it's because when I have something,which can't be heard.I'll choose to pour out on here,because only here,this place..the place which people can't judge my feelings.Even how bad ,bossy,childish,non-sense and petty is it.

Well, of course,I am here tonight of course i'd have so much to say.
Firstly,i'll have to remind myself that my try er examination is coming very soon,well maybe too soon, I'd say.And after this,i hope my birthday would automatically ring my their bells.
I don't like the way when you guys fool me around
Gosh, I am so willingly to amuse you guys
Even if i dislike it
But teenagers are being so overly in these days.
PS:I will not write at here if I don't mind.